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DireWolf - DWF-B

"One Chord Song"

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This one takes the art of killing to a whole new level.
I do 700+ damage on a regular basis with this 'mech. I think 1300 damage and 8 kills was my best match until now. Believe me, it is fun!

There are two things with Ultra Autocannons that are always true: you never have enough of them; and when they jam, you are back with the first problem.
Research on the battlefield has shown, that six Ultra Autocannons indeed are enough in most situations. Anyhow, there was no more space for more.
Brutality wins. And this 'mech is a brutal killer. It can rip an Atlas right through the center within seconds. Most enemies getting hit by that constant stream of bullets turn back in fear and try to run. At least they try to while everything is shaking, exploding and the computer voice yelling something about "critical" and "destroyed".

This 'mech can heat up pretty quickly, though it does not produce ghost heat. You should be able to kill even assaults in a one on one before you overheat on nearly every map. You'll want to stay near cover though so you can hide and cool down after spamming bullets.

Since this 'mech is completely ammo based, one question arises: is it enough? Well, normally it is. I've had games where I ran out of ammo, but they are quite rare. And I must say, those were games where I did over 1200 damage and a few kills. So if that's not enough, your teammates might wanna think about what they did wrong. Let's take a quick look at the numbers... ah... yes, that's ammo for a maximum of 1948 damage if everything hits at optimum range.

I do have variants of the JagerMech and the Cataphract that are (U)AC based too. I'll post those later.

Changelog and maybe a shoutbox coming soon :)
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