Greetings Warrior!

Welcome to my 'MechBay. I'm SirCotare from Vienna and you are about to discover my world of MechWarrrior online.


Feel free to browse my various builds of BattleMechs.
You will find final builds that work out pretty good, as well as builds still undergoing changes while testing. I've also added a few of my concept 'mechs that probably won't work out that well.

All builds are commented to explain how they are meant to be played. You can also load them into Smurfy's MechLab.


Playing a game is always about having fun. Defining what is fun in a game highly depends on what you (the player) enjoy. Some may be content to play the lone wolf, all alone against the whole world, while others my be drawn to more involvement in premade team action where you meet up on teamspeak. That's up to you.

But there is one key element in probably every game though that is core to an enjoyable gaming session. And that's success.
Success on the battlefield depends on your performance (and yes, I know also that of your teammates) as well as the performance of your BattleMech. While you can't influence your teammate's performance, you can still work on yourself and your equipment.

And that's what this site is about. Helping you to pilot good equipment that can get the job done. But it is still up to you to practice or even a 500 ton 'mech will be useless.

See you on the battlefield,
Yours SirCotare
Changelog and maybe a shoutbox coming soon :)
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