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DireWolf - DWF-B

"One Chord Song"

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You are the DireWolf! Always remember that! You are big and scary which makes you a preferred target. And also remember this: you are a killer and you can take quite a lot of damage.
So when an enemy pops up, your job is to make him more miserable than he makes you. You can do that! You got all the assets for it, so use them.

The reason why I named this build "One Chord Song" is simple. I use one weapon group. Try it out on the Testing Grounds! It is awesome! (Remember to click like there is no tomorrow to max out UAC efficiency.)
With the modules, all your weapons are in optimum range up to 600 meters. You can still fire everything at about 800 meters and do great damage. They won't like it at all. Fear is your friend and most players will be scared one the first few salvos arrive.

I use a second weapon group for the two UAC 2 to pick off very distant targets or kill UAVs. Comes in handy.

Changelog and maybe a shoutbox coming soon :)
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