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TimberWolf - TBR-D


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One of the finest 'mechs I've ever built. And it is actually pretty fun to play. With this, you should have no problem to achieve around 500 damage in most matches.
This Timmy-D combines quite a good range with decent damage (thanks to the dual Large Pulse Lasers) with a shocking experience for all light 'mechs.

20 SRMs hurt. 20 Streak SRMs hurt even more because they will most likely hit. And that's a true point for every enemy. So don't worry if an Atlas comes around the corner. Your Streaks and the Large Pulse Lasers will hurt him (though I'd suggest to find cover before he blows you to tiny bits with an AC20).
About the "shocking experience" I mentioned: the Locust will probably survive no more than two salvos. And those funny guys that approach you with their ECM and think that they are safe: nope! We have an Active Probe. So lock on and blow those bastards back to the scrapyard they came from.

Ghost heat:
Yes, more than three Streak SRM 4 or 6 fired at once will cause ghost heat so I'd suggest to fire them in two salvos with 0.5 seconds in between. When there is no time to waste (because the enemy is escaping behind cover) you can still fire all at once. It's not that bad.
You'll still want to cool the 'mech down from time to time since it can get pretty hot when you constantly fire all weapons.

We have 300 rounds of Streak SRM ammo loaded. That's enough for 15 full salvos. Let's say that our streaks have a cooldown of about 5 seconds, that's 75 seconds of SRM fun. Believe me, in most matches this will be enough. You'll probably lose ammo more often to a destroyed torso than to actually firing it.
And even if you run out of ammo: your Pulse Lasers still hurt well. (btw.: 300 Streak SRMs are 600 damage anyway... that's good!)

If you want to skip the part with the lasers and just Streak around, I'd suggest you have a look at the Mad Dog-A or Stromcrow-D chassis.

Changelog and maybe a shoutbox coming soon :)
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